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Choosing the Perfect Hawaiian Island to get Married on

The Hawaiian Islands are made up of eight individually beautiful islands; each with its own story to tell. However, only four are easily accessed for domestic travel and can be utilized as a location to get married on. Here are the names of each island in geographic order; Hawaii “Big Island,” Maui, Kahoʻolawe, Lānaʻi, Molokaʻi, Oʻahu, Kauaʻi, and Niʻihau.

1. Hawaiʻi island: Otherwise known as “The Big Island,” Hawaiʻi is known for its diverse set of “nature-based” locations to enjoy, with a hint of tourist friendly attractions. Four things that make Hawaiʻi unique is; Kilauea (active) volcano, Mauna Kea (the tallest mountain in the world when measured from the ocean floor), a variety of black sand beaches, and our photography company, we are based on Hawaiʻi island and would love to show you around! If youʻre looking for a more relaxing and laid back wedding experience, our Waikoloa and Kona resorts are frequently visited by tourists, and offers a variety of; hotels, restaurants, venues, and activities to take part in. Cons to Hawaiʻi; this island has a lot to offer, however, it is lacking in terms of “night life” activities, and since this island thrives off of small businesses, many places tend to close early. In addition to this, only a few parts of the island have a variety of options when it comes to; hotels, reliable wedding venues, entertainment, and shopping, the rest are rural locations, and not designed for hosting weddings.

2. Maui: An island that is well known for possessing some of the worldʻs most beautiful beaches; as well as a variety of luxury resorts to choose from, Maui lives up to its reputation of being equally adventurous and relaxing for all couples. As the second most visited Hawaiian island, Maui is known for; Haleakalā (a massive shield volcano), and the windy Hana road. In addition to this, Maui is known for numerous; hiking spots, beaches, and outdoor activities to try out. In terms of “city life” Maui has widespread low-profile activities to enjoy throughout the island. Cons of Maui; this island is a “high traffic” tourist spot, making certain places or activities hard to access, in addition to this, Maui is extremely pricey in terms of; cost of living, food, services, and other resources needed for a wedding.

3. Oʻahu: Frequently known as the most; popular, advertised, and visited Hawaiian island, Oʻahu has the perfect blend of naturally beautiful landscapes, as well as, modern and “high traffic” city life. Oʻahu is filled with beautiful white sand beaches, countless hiking spots, and hundreds of tour companies to adventure with. Oʻahu is also known for having the most; hotels, restaurants, and nightlife activities (ex: concerts, clubs & bars, malls, and other special events), available for both locals and visitors. Cons to Oʻahu, since this is the most populated island with limited space, the insane amount of traffic, makes it difficult to get from one place to the next. In addition to this, it can be complicated to book certain venues, restaurants, hotels, or visit certain beaches, hiking spots, etc, without having a long wait or running into a crowd. Oʻahu is not for couples who want a private wedding experience and is considered to be one of the more pricey islands to plan a wedding on.

4. Kauaʻi: Known for its wide range of scenic settings, such as; pristine beaches, beautiful & widespread mountain ranges, and luscious forests, Kauaʻi has so much natural beauty to offer for your wedding. A popular location to visit for hiking or other types of exercise is Waimea Canyon, known for its awe-striking view. Cons to Kauaʻi, although natural in its beauty, Kauaʻi is less developed than other islands, and is lacking in terms of nightlife activities, shopping, and other resources needed for a wedding.


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