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I’m a Native Hawaiian wedding and elopement photographer on Hawaiʻi Island.

O Pōmaikaʻi ko'u inoa

My name is Pōmaikaʻi Evans-Bautista. Pōmaika'i means a "blessing from heaven" and it was given to me by my parents. Names are so important to the Hawaiian People, as it tells a story about who we are and what we have to offer the world. I am so blessed to have you here!

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Let's get to work

The love for capturing YOU, started 7 years ago ever since then I have refined the art of telling your story through images that you can hold onto forever.

I am a natural-born enneagram two, three, and seven. Meaning I will always give my best to you, achieve the highest possible quality for you, and I am enthusiastic about having as much fun and adventure. 


Nō Hawaiʻi mai au

Whether you are eloping to Hawai'i, having a big wedding with all of your 'Ohana (family), or just want to enjoy some of the world's most beautiful spots with your other half, I am your girl! Being born + raised here gives me the unique advantage to take you on a beautiful adventure. From taking you to the hidden locations on the island that only us locals know about, to planning your photographs during the perfect golden hour; I will craft the perfect experience filled with aloha (love) for you. Capturing the love and real moments between you, and letting you live in the moment together.

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