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Choosing a Wedding Photographer

1. Cost: The average cost of a wedding photographer in Hawaii is $2,000-$5,000 and beyond. Price is not everything, however, itʻs good to keep a budget that works for you and your significant other. When it comes to photography, what you pay is usually what youʻll receive in return. This rule is relevant to a photographerʻs; editing skills, years of experience, time spent in the session, and the amount of pictures you receive. Always review the terms and benefits from working with your photographer and check for possible scammers.

2. Editing: Every photographer has their own unique model for editing; be sure to review their portfolio prior to booking them. Some basic editing styles to choose from are; bright & airy, dark & moody, and natural & true to life. No matter how much experience your photographer has, editing is something that photographers use to distinguish themselves from others as a way to showcase their artistic skills. You canʻt be a great photographer without impeccable editing skills.

3. Experience: Choosing a photographer with a fair amount of years under their belt; as well as experience with wedding photography is a relatively important criteria. Having years of professional photography experience will show in their editing and the “final product” of your pictures. Also be sure to choose a photographer that is well-seasoned with capturing couples and weddings. With this type of photographer, you will be ensured the best poses, styles, and editing, for your wedding pictures.

4. Flexibility: During any significant time of the year; holidays, graduations, wedding seasons, or back to school months, photographers are especially busy with clients. Always be sure to check how far in advance you need to book your photographer, some waits are as short as a week, and others are as long as a year.

5. Knowledge of locations: If you want unique and adventurous wedding photos that are rare and meaningful to you, find a photographer that has knowledge on special and/or hidden locations in Hawaii. Do your research on social media and point out certain locations that theyʻve already taken photos at. If youʻre visiting, limit your location tags, this prevents further exploitation of the natural beauty of Hawaii.

6. Chemistry: Getting along with your wedding photographer is extremely vital, you will be spending a generous amount of time with this person on your wedding day and if your energies donʻt match, it will make your day stressful. If you have a photographer youʻre comfortable with; youʻll be more relaxed and it will show in your pictures. If they are good at their job, they will take the time to get to know you and your significant other personally, as well as share a little bit about themselves. If you have the time, meet up with your photographer beforehand.


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