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A sweet saying that my Grandmother would use when addressing those she loved. You are now a part of my 'Ohana (family), & here in Hawai'i, we are here to help one another! I will always serve you with love and capture all of your special moments whether you're having an intimate wedding, eloping to Hawai'i, getting engaged, or just want to capture your love story! 

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From weddings, elopements, to couple's shoots, see the full story of a day curated into a blog post that gives you the best feel of my work and the moments I will capture!

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On your special day, you may not be able to witness all of the small moments that happen. That is why I'm there! To make sure all of the magic that happens can be captured and held on to forever. 

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If you decide to elope to Hawai'i to get married, AWESOME! It's a day to celebrate the love of you two! I'm here to support, help, and capture all of it! 


Aloha! I’m Pōmai.

'O Pōmaika'i Ko'u Inoa. 

My name is Pōmaika'i [Po-my-ka-ee]. 


Capturing your wedding, elopement, engagement, or just you and your love adventuring Hawai'i is my DREAM!

Seven years of learning how to refine my art of capturing and telling your story with my camera, and a lifetime of exploring all that the Big Island has to offer; you can be sure to feel comfortable in front of my lens! If not, we will throw on the best local music in my playlist and "jam" (dance) as I like to say.

From the moment you drop by in my inbox to say hi, I got you! I'll be with you through the process of planning, capturing all the magic on your big day, and then checking up long after I hit send on your personalized private online gallery. Because you are now part of my family! 

Getting married is a big deal. Capturing the moments is an even bigger deal. Those moments will be your memories for ever. We were so blessed to have Pomai as our photographer. Pomai did not disappoint. Her photos are amazing. She got every detail we wanted and a whole lot more. She made sure what we wanted, she would capture. It was such an emotional day, and Pomai caught all those emotions. She was not just our photographer, she became a friend ❤️ thank you Pomai for all that you did.




Serina N.



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