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Top 10 Reasons to Get Married in Hawaii

1. A natural canvas for the perfect wedding pictures

Your wedding deserves a beautiful scenery that symbolizes the love between you and youʻre significant other. Hawaii provides a natural canvas for the perfect wedding pictures. With the right background that matches your aesthetic as a couple; you will have unforgettable memories and photos to last a lifetime. Whether its; beaches, mountain ranges, valleys, waterfalls, or a simple backyard scenery, with the right photographer, your whole day will be captured according to your vision.

2. Consistent weather year round

With the rising popularity of outdoor weddings; it has become increasingly important to plan out which season you are hosting your wedding in. Hawaii is especially unique due to its consistent; sunny skies and comfortable temperatures throughout the year; making it easy to have an outdoor wedding with a date that is convenient to you. Keep in mind that depending on the island and location you choose, the weather will have slight differences.

3. Breathtaking views for your ceremony

If you want to have an awe-struck wedding ceremony for you and your guests to remember, Hawaii will not disappoint. With countless amounts of scenic styles to choose from; you can have the wedding of your dreams with a view that will leave everyone speechless. A newly popular trend in Hawaii is to have your wedding ceremony during sunrise or sunset; creating a naturally romantic setting for everyone to enjoy.

4. A vacation, wedding, and honeymoon, all wrapped in one

Whether youʻre a local to our islands or just visiting; having your wedding in Hawaii comes with financial sacrifices. However, Hawaii also provides you with the flexibility to have a wedding, honeymoon, and vacation, all at once. There are many ways to make your wedding experience in Hawaii more diverse, consider; island hopping, exploring other parts of the island(s), or staying at different hotels, making the most out of your wedding season.

5. Perfect for an elaborate wedding or an intimate elopement

Having your wedding in Hawaii provides you with the resources to have a wedding of all sizes. If you plan on inviting a large group of family and friends, Hawaii has the perfect venues in order to host your party. For sporadic elopements, Hawaii provides a romantic and peaceful setting for all couples to enjoy.

6. For both adventurous and laid-back couples

Some of the most memorable parts of a wedding; are the intimate moments that are shared between you and your significant other. Hawaii is perfect for couples who enjoy all types of activities. Each island has its own unique landscape that can be discovered through; hiking, ziplining, diving, swimming, parasailing, and much more. On the contrary, if you and your significant other prefer; spa days, star gazing, or watching the sunset, Hawaii is still the perfect place to be.

7. Unique cultural practices to incorporate in your special day

Hawaii is known for its diverse and inclusive group of cultures. From those cultures are countless amounts of; traditions, practices, and trends that are unique to Hawaiiʻs culture. If you want to learn more or even include these special traditions into your wedding; be sure to learn more from a local and always remain respectful and accurate when practicing someone elseʻs culture.

8. Countless amounts of diverse foods to try out

One of the most important parts about having your wedding in Hawaii; is having a mouthwatering menu of foods for you and your guests to enjoy. The taste buds of Hawaii are inspired by a mixture of authentic; Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, and many other cultural dishes. The diversity in food symbolizes the different cultures that have been embraced for many years in Hawaii.

9. The friendliest place on earth

In Hawaii, people are known for possessing the “aloha spirit,” which essentially means to live in a way that is; kind, respectful, and loving towards others. Planning a wedding in Hawaii allows you to coordinate with; family members, friends, workers, and business owners, that “live aloha.” This mentality creates an atmosphere that is welcoming and stress-free for both locals and visitors.

10. Endless ways to support local businesses

If youʻre someone who enjoys supporting small businesses in your local community; Hawaii is filled with small businesses that are prepared to supply the resources to make your wedding day extra special. There are endless amounts of local; entertainers, photographers, caterers, bakeries, flower shops, and formal clothing shops that can be utilized during your wedding planning season in Hawaii.


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